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Welcome to FND Wellbeing

Filling the gap between healthcare provision and the FND Charity support.

A whole mindset, brain, body and soul approach to navigating everyday life with FND and affordable ways to support recovery and nurture wellbeing.

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Upcoming Course

Voices of Emotion

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Learn how emotions impact the brain and body, discover grounding techniques for overwhelm, mindfulness for balance and creative expression for release. 

5-week Online Course with live 1-hour sessions

Starts Tuesday 30 July 2024, 7pm (BST)

Cost: £49 (£10/wk)

Here are some of the pathways available to help you navigate FND and support your wellbeing.

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Information & Signposting

New to FND? Starting Steps offers information and signposting to help you make the most of the  support and resources across the FND sector, all pulled into one central resource. 

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Practical Everyday Toolkit

An online, self directed programme to explore at your own pace. Jam-packed with practical strategies, tips, tools and information to help manage and support everyday living.

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Live Workshops & Webinars

Live events and workshops are regularly scheduled each month for members of the FND community to join in and participate on topics related to FND and wellbeing.

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Live Online Courses

A range of online courses designed for FND are available in pacing, learning to rest, self-care, nervous system regulation. mindfulness, and emotional wellbeing. All from the comfort of your own home.

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FND in the Workplace

FND can have a massive impact on our ability to work. Find out your rights, Access to Work, flexible working options, sick leave and pay, and explore potential new ways of working.


Support Services

From Wellbeing Wednesdays where like-minded people come together to discuss various topics,  to 1:1 discovery calls, Wellbeing Coaching and workplace support, there's something for everyone.

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Wellbeing Wednesdays

This is my gift back to the FND community. An opportunity to  explore a different topic that impacts FND every week and connect with like-minded people who understand and 'get' FND. 

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1:1 Wellbeing Coaching

I offer a limited number of places for individuals who feel they would benefit from a personalised approach, helping then to feel more empowered in navigating their own personal journey. 

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The journey towards accepting and making FND a part of your life, and not being controlled by it, can be uncomfortable. It starts with connection and understanding with your body, mind and soul.


I invite you to begin your pathway to recovery with me today as someone who has already taken steps to change their life and live in balance with FND.

I was in survival mode until I did these courses. Now I feel like I'm living. I still have to pace and be careful, but I'm sleeping so much better, and I don't spend so much time managing my symptoms now, I can just get on with life.
The courses have given me so many techniques to connect back in with my body and move out of that fight and flight mode, which previously I hadn't been able to do. 
I have improved more in 8 weeks than I have in 3 years. It's a game changer!

Sue, New Zealand

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